Florida store clerk sees woman mouth ‘help,’ calls police

Jose Ramos Sandoval was arrested
Jose Ramos Sandoval was arrested

February 12, 2018  FoxNews

An employee at a Florida convenience store was thanked by law enforcement Monday for reporting a woman’s desperate cry for “help.”

A clerk at a Kangaroo Express dialed 911 on Sunday when he spotted a peculiar sight: A woman, sitting inside of a vehicle in the store parking lot, mouthing the word “help” at him around 1 a.m., according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Kangaroo Express

An employee at a Kangaroo Express store in Jacksonville, Florida, called police on Sunday when she saw a woman mouth the word “help” to him as she was confined to a vehicle.  (WFTV-TV)

The concerned store employee gave police a description of the vehicle, and when officers spotted the vehicle, the driver “recklessly” fled – with the woman still in the car.

Eventually, the suspect — identified by police as Jose Ramos Sandoval — was arrested.

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